Mike Armour

Dr. Mike Armour

Founder of Startups After 50

Dr. Mike Armour is the president of Strategic Leadership Development International, a Dallas-based firm that helps leaders maximize their impact. He specializes in working with entrepreneurs and top-tier executives across a broad spectrum of industries, from startups to some of America’s largest companies.

Photo of Dr. Mike Armour

As a coach, mentor, and consultant, Mike draws on a lifetime of firsthand experience in demanding leadership positions. At 33 he founded a highly-successful private school. Two years later he became a university dean, and by 37 he was one of America’s youngest college presidents.

Throughout his career Mike has been the “go-to” man for organizations needing to turn around or get back on track. He excels at strategic thinking, analyzing corporate culture, and guiding values-based, transformational change.

For five years he served as CEO of an international humanitarian organization operating throughout Eastern Europe. And for over a decade he was a resource specialist for educators in Russia and Ukraine who were bringing ethics and character training into their schools and universities.

Today, through an initiative called Leadership Development Africa, Mike provides specialized training for men and women who are leaders in the public and private sectors of East Africa.

Mike spent 35 years in active duty and naval reserve service, retiring as a Navy captain. In his final assignment he directed systems security and information technology for a nationwide intelligence command. Over the course of his career the Department of Defense decorated him three times for pioneering work in the computerization of the naval intelligence community.

Along the way Mike has led a variety of faith-based institutions, headed political campaigns, served as a Congressional candidate, and chaired multi-million dollar fund-raising drives for national and international non-profits.

Mike holds degrees from five colleges and universities, including a Ph.D. from UCLA. He has also done graduate work in strategy and leadership at the U. S. Naval War College. A successful author in the field of leadership, he has been published in a dozen languages.

In addition, he regularly addresses major audiences all across the United States and around the world on themes related to leadership, personal development, and building trust within organizations.