Tools and Templates

Valuable Tools and Templates for Building Your Business


Creating a Customer Avatar

An avatar is a fictitious personification of your typical customer. It serves to sharpen your focus on the needs and outlook of your target customers as you develop marketing strategies and materials for your company. We have provided a helpful template which you can download to help you define your avatar. Download the template.


A Checklist for Evaluating Your Business Systems

The earlier a business can begin building effective internal systems, the sooner it positions itself for accelerated growth. Here is a simple checklist which lets you quickly evaluate the relative strength of various systems in your business. Download the system checklist.

Revenue Goal Feasibility Tool

This tool is designed for a small business with one or two owners and which earns its income primarily from services which one or more of the owners delivers. The tool allows you to play "what if" games with various workhour scenarios to see if a given revenue goal is realistic, too high, or needlessly low. Businesses which sell both products and services can also use the tool to evaluate revenue goals for the service side of the business. To download the tool, go to the Revenue Goal Feasibility Tool web page, which includes guidelines and an instructional video for using the tool