Now You Can Have Your Own
Personal Business Coach

There are hundreds of questions to answer in the first months of a business startup.

And no fewer questions once your new business is firmly established.

How much faster could you get to the right answers with the help of a veteran business coach?

Here's an affordable opportunity to
have a coach yourself!

LeaderTrack Coaching Program

Mike Armour is a veteran business coach with decades of experience in helping small business owners succeed.Draw on the expertise of Dr. Mike Armour, who has spent decades helping business leaders succeed.

Today he makes this expertise available to a select group of small business owners through his LeaderTrack coaching program:

The program gives you a choice of five coaching tracks (see the list of tracks below). Each track zeroes in on a set of basic challenges for any new business owner.

Mike also creates customized tracks for entrepreneurs with more established businesses who are looking for advanced skills development.

  • You receive a no-obligation, complimentary coaching session before you commit to an engagement
  • Each track is six months long, with four 30-minute coaching conversations per month.
  • Coaching is done by phone or video conference
  • Each coaching call centers on a set topic, but you also have an opportunity during the call to ask questions about other pressing issues
  • You will be expected to complete significant "homework" assignments between sessions
  • During your coaching engagement, you will have unlimited access to Mike by phone or email whenever you need his assistance
  • You will retain the option to suspend the coaching sessions or cancel additional sessions at any time

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Five LeaderTrack Coaching Options

To learn more about the content and pricing for each track, click on the appropriate link below.

Note: It is assumed that you will make at least three hours of time available each week for follow-through on commitments made in the coaching sessions and to complete homework assignments.