Build a Pace-Setting Nonprofit

Build a Pace-Setting Non-Profit

Track Five of the
LeaderTrack Small Business Coaching Series

Many encore entrepreneurs are using the latter part of their career to give back to their world through the services of a nonprofit organization. The challenges of starting and maintaining a non-profit are more complex than is the case with the typical for-profit organization.

This coaching track provides the underlying guidance for you to maneuver through the host of legal, regulatory, and management challenges that confront you as the leader in a nonprofit.

During this coaching engagement you will:

  • Clarify the vision and aspirations that will guide your nonprofit
  • Familiarize yourself with the unique regulatory world governing nonprofits
  • Create a business plan to guide the non-profit for the first three years of its existence
  • Design your fundraising approach and lay out a three-year fund raising plan
  • Construct a marketing plan to build awareness of your non-profit and to attract an adequate donor base
  • Enhance your ability to foster high levels of trust in vital relationships
  • Establish a board that will conform with Federal requirements and draft the bylaws to guide your nonprofit

Track Description and Fee

  • You may receive a no-obligation, complimentary coaching session before you commit to a coaching engagement
  • During your coaching engagement, you will have unlimited access to your coach by phone or email whenever you need assistance
  • You will retain the option to suspend the coaching sessions or cancel additional sessions at any time
MonthTheme for the Month
OneDefining the Purpose, Values, Vision, and Mission of Your Nonprofit
TwoWriting a Three-Year Business Plan
ThreeDeveloping a Fund-Raising Plan
FourCreating a Marketing Plan
FiveUnderstanding Record-Keeping and Reporting Requirements for Nonprofits
SixFinalizing Your Board Membership and Bylaws

Your Investment: $3600
Monthly Payment: $600
10% Discount for Full Payment in Advance

Note: It is assumed that you will make at least three hours of time available each week for follow-through on commitments made in the coaching sessions and to complete homework assignments.

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