Entrepreneurship: Are People Born to Be Entrepreneurs?

Are people born to be entrepreneurs? Or is it a skill that anyone can learn?

You might be interested to know that there is actually impressive research on this subject. Nicos Nicolaou from the Cass Business School at London’s City University and Scott Shane from Case Western Reserve University did the study. They found that inherent abilities, those you were seemingly born with, account for about 37% to 48% of entrepreneurial success.

This means that all entrepreneurs, whatever their natural talents, must learn the craft. Some people simply have a larger head start than others. They come into this world with personality traits that are strongly aligned with entrepreneurial effectiveness.

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What? No Website? What a Horrendous Mistake!

If you’re an encore entrepreneurs without a website, I want to show you how simple and how essential it is to create one. When I started my business in 2001, the smartest thing that I did in the first three months was to develop a website. Over the years this one move has paid immeasurable dividends and brought me untold new business. It’s simply short-sighted to do business today without a web presence.

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