Fullly Vet Your Investors’ Financial Capacity

if you’re relying on investors, vet them carefully before you bring them on board. Be sure that their commitment to your company and their personal financial capacity is adequate to see you through the unexpected. If there’s any question that their commitment and capacity are high, you probably want to look elsewhere for your capital.

On the other hand, if you are self-financing your startup, be certain that you yourself have the resources to cope with major unexpected expenses in getting your business underway. Always remember that startups most frequently fail, not because they cannot earn a profit, but because they run out of cash.

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Revenue Goal Feasibility Tool

Without a history of sales, a new company has little data with which to forecast potential income. It’s challenging, therefore, to know if revenue projections are realistic. To help resolve this issue, I’ve developed a proprietary Revenue Goal Feasibility Tool. It’s specifically designed for businesses which have one or two owners and which receive their income primarily from services which at least one of the owners delivers. Businesses which market both products and services can also use the tool for establishing realistic revenue goals for the service side of the business.

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